We are one of the leading dealers of  TYCO Fire Sprinklers, Coverplate (Concealed), Flexible Hose, Alarm Valve, Fire Fighting Products, Tyco Security and Fire Fighting Products a full range of security products designed to deliver integrated and unified solutions.

Tyco Fire Sprinklers are designed to provide fire protection in buildings and other structures. Tyco Fire Sprinklers are designed to activate automatically in the event of a fire, providing quick and effective fire suppression.

The temperature rating of a sprinkler refers to the specific temperature at which the sprinkler is designed to activate. Here are the key differences between different temperature ratings:

  • Ordinary Temperature (68°F or 20°C)
  • Intermediate Temperature (175°F or 79°C)
  • High Temperature (200°F or 93°C)
  • Quick Response (135°F or 57°C)